RETAW Services

Legionella Monitoring Services

Retaw Services Ltd strives to deliver Legionella control within hot & cold water services by defining control limits and, using our software partner L8MS, providing fail-safe non-conformity control. The guidance on the design of a suitable monitoring regime is detailed in HSG274 Part 2 and for healthcare premises, in HTM 04-01 Part B.

Legionella Monitoring of hot and cold water systems.

  • Design and application of monitoring and inspection services for hot and cold water including temperature, disinfectant residual, water quality monitoring, sampling (for water quality), inspection and condition assessment, etc.
  • Monitoring of water temperature
  • Monitoring of online treatment residual in hot and cold water
  • Monitoring of hot water circulation in principal and subordinate loops
  • Flushing and purging of little-used outlets, dead legs, calorifier drains, expansion vessels, etc.
  • Inspection of tanks, calorifiers, insulation, and TMVs
HWS Return test point

Easy visualisation of the control programme – RSL will set up a compliant site-specific 52 week plan of tasks. The plan, accessible directly by you, shows: –

  • The plan for the year
  • Tasks completed, who they are allocated to, if they conformed to control limits.
  • Tasks missed or tasks that have raised issues.

Effective and flexible service delivery – RSL can identify sentinel locations, rotational temperature monitoring outlets, and inspections. We can then split the allocation of responsibilities to suit the client’s requirements and push site-specific jobs to mobile devices for on-site collection.

RSL are happy to handle the annual inspections and tasks requiring greater specialised knowledge and support our clients in recording and completing the more frequent tasks.

Cold tank inspections

Instant confirmation of service delivery stats

  • Shared Dashboards, showing completed and outstanding works.
  • The number of non-conformances, outstanding and actioned.

The Legionella Control Association requires that Retaw Services Ltd need to tell our clients that it is the responsibility of the dutyholder/responsible person to: –

  • Have a risk assessment and written scheme of control in place, which includes a programme of monitoring and inspection and to make this available to the service provider.
  • Make systems available for monitoring and inspection to enable the service provider to plan and execute the service.
  • Ensure safe access for monitoring and inspection is provided.
  • Ensure that tasks allocated to them are completed.
  • Adhere to the agreement regarding the definition of scope and any responsibility implied.