RETAW Services

Plant & Equipment Services

In addition to our contracted services, RSL can also offer an extended range of services including:

  • Supply servicing and installation of water conditioning plant.
  • Refurbishment and replacement of calorifiers.
  • Refurbishment and replacement of cold water tanks.
  • Supply servicing and installation of water softening plant.
  • Many other water-related services, please give us a call.

The Legionella Control Association requires that Retaw Services Ltd need to tell our clients that it is the responsibility of the dutyholder/responsible person to: –

  • Consider that changes to the water system may alter the Legionella risk such that a reassessment of risk is required
  • Ensure that any equipment as described above is designed, installed and commissioned correctly
  • Make the appropriate notification under the requirements of the Plumbing Notification Laws
  • Apply for a trade effluent discharge consent where appropriate
  • Update the written scheme of control, if required